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Queens Magic

Queens Magic is a women’s collective created in 2015, and Queening is what we do. This group was formed to unite versatile and independent women, all different in their own way, with one thing in common- Queening. Even though we all have our own journeys and paths in life, we can learn so much from one another. Our struggles can inspire and our successes can motivate. My dream is to have a community of Queens with a variety of services and products to offer. We are committed to promoting health in 3 different ways: Physically, Mentally, and Financially. Physical Health, taking care of our appearance and temple. Mental Health, keeping pure positive energy and spiritual balance. Financial Health, supporting our businesses to ensure success for us all. Queening is a verb, and a way of life. We are beautiful, we are talented, we are connected.


We are Queening, Always…Welcome to the Queendom.

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