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2/2/20 – The Queening New Year


Today started off whack. I was bored most of the day and it was raining. Today we had a basketball game again, and we lost again. But it’s our coaches fault! She was late and didn’t apologize so we were all in a bad mood. Anyways, I still played hard and gave it my best shot. But Today was the day I became famous. I read a story to a group of people for black history month. There were newspaper photographers and video cameras there . I was so nervous. I didn’t even know that I was up next- they said Amineh Johnny and I was surprised but I killed it. I did good. My bro read also. We did so good. I love doing stuff with my brother and family. My dad took us out to eat after at Mongolian Grill. When I got home we played games and cracked jokes. Today started off lame but ended good, I got a taste of being a famous person and that’s exactly what I plan on being. Holla.


The beginning of a new decade . 2020 Vision. The number 2, is symbolic in many ways . Most importantly it associated with balance, harmony, consideration, faith and love . All things. I’m focusing on in the New Year. I have been reading my journals from elementary , middle and high school daily. The excerpt above was written on 02-02-2002, exactly 18 years ago. I was a child. I thought the world was supposed to always provide me with opportunities to “do something” I was always bored because I didn’t have enough to do. I didn’t really fit in with other girls my age because I liked different things. I dressed different. My hair was different. My family was different. Often times I was alone and writing or planning on how to live an amazing life without the acceptance of other people. I felt this when I was 12 years old, but I didn’t learn how to until I became an adult. The journey of life is truly so beautiful. I thought I would have to create my own world where everything I loved was accessible, I only gained that thru writing. When I wrote I could be anything and anywhere. I always wanted to be surrounded by love, my family, clothes, shoes, jewelry, education and in charge. I had to be the leader . I had to be at the top. I had the vision so only I could lead everyone else to this perfect world I was creating. I didn’t know it yet, but I was preparing to be a Queen. I was subconsciously getting ready to have a collective of people with different personalities of course, but with the same common interests. Looking fabulous , acquiring success, being educated, having money, living healthy and creating wealth.

I was creating Queens Magic.

This has been something on my heart before I even knew what I wanted to do. Within the past 18 years I became an adult and a mother. And while I’ve changed and grown, of course, my soul has still always wanted everyone around me to live an amazing life- because we only get one time to make it the best. My intentions were never to turn this into a company and profit, I just wanted to be here for other women and do fun things. The way life works is that opportunities always present themselves to help you get to the next level of success, sometimes we miss the chance and other times we are pulled so hard into that direction – we can’t help but to get to work.

The Queening New Year- 2.2.2020.

I’m 30 years old, It’s a Leap Year, a new decade, my son will be 10, – the wave of energy is overwhelming. I’ll be attending New York Fashion week , working events, networking, and promoting #Queening to the industry. I am beyond prepared to continue to share my journey with women everywhere, the best thing about being a women is that even if we are completely different- We have that in common. We understand the struggles that only come with being a women.

That’s when I knew, this is what I want. Bring women together, share our stories, show our lives, learn from our failures to achieve success, figure out our to operate life better, have more fun and look beautiful while doing it. I’ve been planning this for an eternity and I love watching it unfold over the past few years. I have learned so much and I can’t wait to get back to writing so I can share with you. Being a women is incredible. Being a women is everything. Being a black woman is even better.

I know I jumped around a lot in this piece, but I’m just so excited. Some things I’ll be talking about this year is:

  • Love

  • Sex

  • Food

  • Skincare

  • Friendships

  • Makeup

  • Adulting

  • Mommying

Not in that order. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to read about my vision. This is what we need, and I feel the world will see it soon.

Queen Amineh

Queening Always

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