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Reflecting & Learning

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Being a mother again, 12 years later.. I’ve learned so much more. Not only about parenting, but being a partner and loving myself in a different way. New Wife, New Life, More Love…

I got married to the love of my life (cheesy I know) on February 22,2022. After dating for roughly 1.5 years and surviving our first pandemic, we decided to lock down for life . He was the most gentle and patient man I ever met - outside of my father- and that let me know that he would make an amazing husband. I didn’t want to

Do life without a partner who supported me fully. I felt like I had wasted so much time in my previous relationships while going above and beyond for them- I wasn’t doing that again! I told him if he was serious about me, he needed to marry me .

I got pregnant the same night he proposed to me (A set up) and we started planning a small intimate wedding immediately; Especially to avoid showing in my wedding dress. I was so nervous during these times. Not because I had doubts, but because sometimes I still struggle with my decisions in life.

I haven’t always made the best decisions, and even though I feel like I’ve learned from my mistakes - Sometimes the mistakes haunt me. And with that it gives me anxiety. My now husband suggested that I start seeing a therapist to help calm my thoughts, it helped tremendously.

Now here I am, 32- still healing, new husband, my 12 year old recovering from a broken leg, and I am pregnant. Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard to get thru the day ! Our oldest son initially hated the idea of sharing- I can’t blame him because he was an only child his whole life! I dealt with mom guilt for making him feel bad but that was another decision I had to accept and work thru. After a few months of discussing, my son came around and ended up being really excited .

We welcomed our baby boy on July 9th.

I felt like I started completely over. I hadn’t had a baby in over a decade and I was honestly scared….


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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2022

I love this! Your thoughtfulness of your oldest son shows you are making some great decision! keep it up!

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