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The Year 2017.

Oh 2017…

I have a bitter sweet feeling towards you. I’m happy you came, and that I was able to outlive you, and learn from you… but I am happy to see you go and meet your replacement.

2017 was an eye opening year for me. I learned (like I do every year).. that we all don’t have the same heart, we all don’t love the same, and we all can’t do for others as they do for US. I lost someone extremely close to me, for reasons that are still hard for me to accept. I have to understand that this person specifically was removed from my life for a purpose, wether it’s temporary or permanent because I see a change in my life , I’m evolving, and sometimes the weaker links can’t withstand that. And that’s ok.

2017. Taught me that pain is natural, nothing is perfect, we all make mistakes, and forgiveness is for yourself. Being selfish is ok, and not being available for everyone all the time, is also ok.

2017 made me realize I can be better at budgeting- I could have done more with my money, but I kept my bills paid, food in my friend, clothes on my babies back, and a little extra for myself- im definetly getting better, but there’s always an opportunity to be EVEN BETTER.

2017 helped me see how blessed I am, and how hard I work for everything in my life. There are no handouts and I bust my ass for every single thing I have. And it’s a powerful feeling. I want to continue to empower other Queens to live their best life and flourish in all aspects.

2017 was the year to focus on my relationship. Finally being together after such a long period of time. We built our foundation so this year we focused on building UP. Self growth is amazing, but growth as a unit is a feeling like no other. I love him like I’ve never loved before.

2017 I continued to be the best mother I can be, and I have a plan and goals on how to still improve. I know for 2018 I want to be on time for more events. Time management is a weakness of mine and I plan on tackling that this year also.

2017, it’s been real- so I can only imagine what 2018 is bringing for me. But I’m entering this year with open arms and still an open heart, ready to receive everything coming my way. Here’s to another amazing year. Inshallah.

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