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To be a Queen….

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

To be a Queen


A Queen always looks her best, cleanliness is close to Godliness. Wether she loves makeup or prefers a bare face, she takes pride in her appearance and embraces her unique style.


An educated women is a Queen. Knowledge is power. A Queen is up to date on current events, aware of issues within society & politics.


Making health a priority is essential for a Queen. Physically, Mentally and Financially . She has to be aware of herself at all times and take necessary precautions to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes everything from diet to therapy.

Social Life.

A Queen surrounds herself with like minded individuals. She participates in different activities and events , spreading her love in the community. She has a small circle of close friends, but several peers who share the same interests! Being around positive people improves your quality of life.

Travel. Seeing the world changes how we see it. A Queen is well rounded and different experiences are very important . Whether it’s a road trip or out the country , traveling is a Queens last time.


Naturally , Queens are caregivers. We are here to nurture , heal, love, listen, and support . So even if you didn’t give birth to a child, a Queen is a mother to someone .


Last but not least, a Queen strives for complete happiness in all aspects of her life. If there is something not feeding her soul, and not bringing Joy- she changes it. If something or someone is disrupting her peace , she has the power to remove it. She is in control of her happiness. From the career to relationships, being happy is Queening.

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